Accent: SXSW gets new style

This article almost didn’t happen. Karissa pitched an idea to create an insert for our upcoming issue with our coverage of SXSW 2011 and I hestitated because I knew it would mean more work for me. But I said yes anyway which ended up working out, because it won first place at TIPA in the Special Edition/Special category. Go team!

I had pitched the idea to cover StyleX because it was the first time they included an event for fashion during the week. Karissa almost passed on it because we had a lot of material to cover and limited space to fit it all. Eventually, I just said I’m covering it and planned a page for it. I squeezed a two-minute interview with Joah, attended some events like the panels and a fashion show and wrote the article.

SXSW gets new style
By Sarah Vasquez, Assistant Editor
Originally published on March 28, 2011

Adding to the music, film, technology, and video games, StyleX introduced fashion to this year’s South by Southwest.

Instead of using professional models for the runway, several musicians that performed in the SXSW Music Festival or are affiliated in the Austin music scene walked the catwalk. However, this was intentional.

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I briefly attended StyleX this year because Tje walked the runway. Look at him:

He looks like a pro.

Before he strutted his stuff, he let me tag along with him backstage in make-up and hair. It was a bit awkward trying to have a conversation with him while people were trying to get everyone ready, but it’s whatevs.

I didn’t get a makeover, but I felt pretty special being there with all the other musicians and getting the behind-the-scene look without a press badge. And I got a free cup of coffee. The boy treats me well.

After these two StyleXs later, I read about this. Good job, guys.

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The guys are currently on a week-long tour. If they stop by your area, go see them.

6/8 Austin | The ND
6/9 Houston | Fitzgerald’s
6/10 San Antonio | The Ten Eleven
6/12 Dallas | Good Records
6/13 Denton | Andy’s Bar
6/14 Tulsa | SoundPony
6/15 Fayetteville | Lightbulb Club
6/16 New Orleans | Circle Bar

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Equals @ SXSW

I feel like I’m doing Equals for a Year or as Toman puts it EEK for a Year. Sheesh. "Let’s see how many stories I can write about Equals before November."

I actually had to be talked into doing this story. The idea to follow a band during SXSW was my idea. Following Equals was the station’s. I wanted a band that had Texas State ties and is playing KTSW’s upcoming Mr. Fest. So Equals it was. But my objection was that I had covered them before in the past and I think we are too comfortable with each other.

I think the story turned out pretty well because of that anyway. It didn’t feel like I was on assignment. It felt like we were hanging out and I just happened to have a voice recorder handy. There were a lot of great moments that didn’t make the cut because of vulgar language either said by one of the guys or someone caught in the background.

But don’t fret little ones, I have two words for you: DELETED SCENES.

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WARNING: I’m going to be blogging about this band more than usual today.

I followed them for a day during SXSW, so I have some stuff to post. Just a heads up.

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UWeekly: Q&A: Eve 6

I need to stop interviewing people I’ve admired for years. It’s hard to control the fangirl when I do, and then I just embarass myself.

I met up with Eve 6 in front of Red 7 for our interview, and as soon as the band came out of thier van and introduced themselves to me, I freaked out (well, on the inside).

You gotta understand. This band defines my high school years. I’ve followed this band since “Inside Out.” “Here’s to the Night” is still my jam. I still listen to “Think Twice.” I <3 this band like whoa.

I did tell them that I was a long-time fan and was trying really hard to keep it together for them. They were cool with it.

But seriously, I gotta keep that fangirl in check.

Q&A: Eve 6
’90s rock band to release a new album after nine years
Originally published on March 21, 2012 

Believe it or not, this year was the first time Eve 6 performed at South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW). The band that brought us the sing-alongs “Inside Out” and “Here’s to the Night” has played in Austin before, but never during the week-long festival. Eve 6 chatted with UWeekly during SXSW to discuss the upcoming album Speak in Code, which comes out April 24, and how fans welcomed them back after nine years of not hearing from this rock trio.

Click here to read the rest at UWeekly.

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