Exclusive Download: White Rabbits Return with Groovy 'Temporary'

I love White Rabbits. I’m so excited they are coming out with a new album and they’re playing during SXSW! They also played at ACL in 2010 (warning: autoplay), but I was following SPEAK at the time and had to missed them because they played at the same time.

I need redemption because the last time I saw them perform, I found out some bummer news. Yeah, that kinda sucked, but I still enjoyed the show, which you can read in my review for Red River Noise.

Concert Review: White Rabbits at the Independent
Originally published on April 20, 2010

My apprehension before White Rabbits hit the stage at The Independent was with the recent album It’s Frightening. It sounded too much like a Spoon album. But being produced by Spoon’s main songwriter Britt Daniel, this was not a surprise. Anyway, my point is that I had low standards for the newer material. I was worried that there would be a disappointing contrast between both albums in a live setting. And I was wrong. So so wrong.

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And I also did a quick interview with one of the drummers.

Q&A Interview: White Rabbits
Originally published on April 12, 2010

A blogosphere favorite, Brooklyn’s White Rabbits have parlayed their reputation for high-energy performances into airplay on NPR and slots on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The band’s debut, 2007’s Fort Nightly, garnered high praise from tastemakers like Pitchfork and the A.V. Club, which lead to tours with more veteran indie bands (The Walkmen, Kaiser Chiefs). It was a month-long tour with Spoon that motivated the band to ask uber-cool-guy Britt Daniel to produce White Rabbits’ follow up, 2009’s It’s Frightening.

The band is currently on tour with Here We Go Magic. Drummer Matt Clark took a break from the grind to answer some questions about playing live, making a music video and bleeding profusely from the nose.

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Smile Smile

I got my first taste of Smile Smile at an inside show at Emo’s. I tagged along with Ian, who wrote for Double Stereo at the time, to take photos for his review. You can read more about my first impression and why I was intrigued by this band’s story here.

So when SXSW came along, Ian asked me if I wanted to interview the band for Red River Noise. I immediately said yes. I had so many questions to ask and believe me, they answered them. I hear a lot of band drama, but no band has drama like this. It was the first interview I did during SXSW that the other interviews just didn’t compare.

Q&A Interview: Smile Smile
Originally published on May 13, 2010

Everyone deals with a breakup in different ways. Blaring the “I hate you” songs, some people head straight to the chocolate and some to the booze. But letting out the aggressive hurt is all part of the process. Lucky are the musicians who get the sweet revenge of publicly blaring their heartbreak through song like Gwen Stefani did with “Don’t Speak.”

Vocalist and guitarist Ryan Hamilton did just that. The odd (and awkward) twist is that the ex-lover who jilted him is his current (and only) bandmate, Jencey Hirunrusme. They were a couple when they formed their band, but Hirunrusme cheated on Hamilton with a predominant figure in the Dallas music scene. Music business drama like this never stays a secret, and this sticky history became a comic strip in a Dallas entertainment newspaper.

This is the world of the Dallas indie duo Smile Smile. In their latest album, Truth on Tape, Hamilton chronicled the aftermath of his breakup with keyboardist and ex-fiance. Hirunrusme also sings back up vocals to these songs.

A sane person might wonder how these two could still create music together, let alone be in the same room, after all that went down. I sat down with Hamilton and Hirunrusme to find that out for myself.

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Of course the coverage didn’t stop there. I also reviewed the album Truth on Tape for Accent Newspaper.

No smiles for depressing new album from Smile Smile
By Sarah Vasquez Campus Editor
Originally published on March 1, 2010

Smile Smile’s newest album Truth on Tape reveals an open letter from the heartbroken vocalist/guitarist Ryan Hamilton to the woman who caused these scars. His lyrics portray the hurt and longing of his former lover. They are accompanied by a simple acoustic piano backing or a head bopping ditty complete with a full band.

The woman who is Hamilton’s muse of these public proclamations is Smile Smile’s keyboardist herself, Jencey Hirunrusm. Hirunrusm even provides backing vocals to the angsty lyrics written about her.

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I Already Forgot Everything You Said


The Dig - I Already Forgot Everything You Said

AHHH! New music from The Dig. Thanks for the heads up, Bianca.

This band is so good. Definitely a Sarah band, which is why I was assigned to interview them last year.

Q&A Interview: The Dig
Originally published on April 24, 2010

I’ve been thinking for days on how to describe New York quartet The Dig without sounding like a complete fangirl, but the bottom line is this: This band is freaking awesome. Whether it’s a straightforward indie-pop song such as “You’re Already Gone” or a moody alt-rock tune like “She’s Gonna Kill That Boy,” or even a mixture of the two as in “He’s a Woman,” these guys just nail it every time. And when they perform these songs live, it’s even better.

The Dig was ahead of the curve when most musicians pick up that first instrument, during those formable high school years. Bassist Emile Mosseri and guitarist David Baldwin were playing music together since they were 10 years old. Keyboardist Erick Eiser joined the two after meeting them at a summer music program in high school. Although he didn’t join the band until a year ago, drummer Jamie Alegre grew up around music because of his father and uncle.

Years later, with the combination of their musical experience and teaming up with producer Bryce Goggin (The Ramones, Akron/Family), these four guys are getting ready to deliver their full-length debut Electric Toys on June 8.

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