Best of 2012

2012 comes to an end tonight. WTF? Time is just swooshing by and that makes me sad. Have to say, this was a pretty good year. But as always here’s my 2012 wrap-up. This is just a small sampling. I have more write-ups coming soon. :)

Best Live Show: Radiohead

Radiohead “Lotus Flower” - Austin City Limits - behind the scenes from Austin City Limits on Vimeo.

Come on, hands down. There’s no competition when Radiohead is in the running (with the exception of Refused, but more of them later). Seeing them perform live was mindblowing, especially when I did not think I would catch a single show while they were in Texas. Thanks to my awesome best friend and her family, we won tickets to the ACL Live performance. Win. And we were super close! Seriously, I could have thrown a bottle towards Thom Yorke and wouldn’t miss. But I didn’t because that would be rude.

Best Band Discovery: Driver Friendly

Ok, I didn’t discover Driver Friendly this year, but after I interviewed them and listened to the new album which was the first release in too long, it was like discovering them for the first time all over again. So I will count them in this category.

They are just a fun band, on and off stage.

Best Vacation for a music nerd like me: Fun Fun Fun Fest


It’s amusing on how I found out KTSW gave me tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest. I zoned out (OK, I was on Facebook) during the meeting when they were announcing who was given the extra tickets from the station. All I heard was Fun Fun Fun Fest, my name, and then lots of gasps. At first, I was like ok, they picked me to cover the festival. Ok, that’s cool. Done that before. But then Lauren was giving me a speech about the hard work I do and there may have been some tears from my end, but I was excited. I was going to see Refused! Refused!!!

I found out after the meeting that it was a vacation. I was not allowed to work. I could take pictures, but that’s it. Ok. Deal. Best vacation ever. I loved that I didn’t have to remember what I saw. I got to hang out with friends without rushing off to the next set. I got to relax and enjoy music.

Of course, I did a small write-up in my planner, but it was for documentation purposes only! I document my life, what can I say?


Catchiest songs of 2012

Try to get these songs out of your head.

The Couch “Kaiser”

The Shears “Octo”

Favorite albums of 2012 in no particular order

More to come…

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Driver Friendly

As I wrote on Instagram:

Sometimes I feel like journalists are like magicians. Because I can probably impress someone with the magic trick of condensing 40+ minutes of audio with seven voices and my narration to an at most 10-minute coherent radio story.

I loved working on this story. I got to indulge myself in Tom Hanks film trivia and the band is just a treat to interview. And I was pretty stoked when the entire seven-piece band showed up for my follow-up interview. One member mentioned that was probably the first time it’s happened.

Here’s the video:

driver friendly tom hanks messidona making the video KTSW ktsw osd

UWeekly: Q&A: Driver Friendly

Ahhh Driver Friendly! I <3 this band. I was happy to sit down with some of the members and chat about the new album. It was a pretty lengthy interview so a lot of it got cut out, but like my community journalism professor said, you know you have a good interview if it hurts to cut things out… or something like that.

The new album is really good. I highly recommend it.

Q&A: Driver Friendly
Band ready to release new music after three years
Originally published on Feb. 22, 2012

Driver Friendly (also known as Driver F) is finally releasing a new album after three years. The band was pretty close to calling it quits after nine years but decided to head to the mountains to write. The end result, Bury a Dream, will be released on Feb. 25 at The ND at 501 Studios. However, those that can’t make it will have to wait to get their copy when it’s nationally released in April.

Click here to read the rest at UWeekly.

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