This wasn’t planned, but my first segment for “On the Other Hand” featured the band Afterburn. As I was going through the line up for Texas Rock Fest this past March, I learned that this band consists of four New York firefighters. Of course, I got an interview.

And I didn’t even realized that it aired the Friday before the anniversary of 9/11. Even though we never discussed it in the interview, it’s still good timing all around.

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KTSW Other Side Drive: On the Other Hand

So I am now a segment producer for KTSW’s Other Side Drive (on top of everything else I do…) and it’s called “On the Other Hand.” The first one airs today about the band Afterburn between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. You can stream the show online here (Warning: It automatically starts playing).

Basically, I want to cover quirky stories. I’ve done the story about creative people that are basically introductions-to-the-world type of stories. “When did you get started?” “Where did you get your band name from?” etc.

This new segment gives me a chance to really dig for story ideas. I want to find stories that make my ears perk up. I want to write about contradictions. I want to do more stories like kitchen_concert and Driver Friendly. After all, these two stories inspired the idea of my segment.

I have a list of ideas going but would like more, because I have to produce a story every week. Sooooo if you have any ideas, let me know.

ktsw osd on the other hand afterburn