Accent: Documentary reveals music scene’s underbelly

I wish I could have added more to this review, but alas, lack of space preventing me from doing that. I would have expanded a lot on this movie, because Echotone isn’t just about the one topic of city ordinances. I think that’s what affected me the most when I watched it. I also had more from the great interview with the director Nathan Christ that made the cutting room floor.

Echotone is about the one broad topic that is the Austin music scene, but there are many little stories throughout this film I wish I could have touched on in the review. I liked the shots. I liked how the director chose different bands that each had a different path and story about their success or lack of success. I think that’s something more bands need to see, because that shows there is not one way to make it and sometimes that way doesn’t always work.

I would have included more about Bill Baird in this article, because he surprised me. I first saw him perform with Sunset the same night I was introduced to The Drawing Board at Mohawk. I didn’t know much about Sunset, but I thought it was a bit pretentious that Baird played his keyboards facing away from the crowd. But after seeing Echotone, I realized he’s a nerd like the rest of us and saw him differently.

Either way, the film is available on Hulu here for a limited time so jump on that and see the film for yourself. Our city looks so pretty in those shots.

Documentary reveals music scene’s underbelly
By Sarah Vasquez, Assistant Editor
Originally published: April 18, 2011

The politics behind the music in the “live music capitol of the world” is something tourists rarely see.

A new documentary, Echotone, which opens April 24 through 27 at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, sheds some light on how city ordinances and other decisions directly affect the Austin music scene.

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