UWeekly: Q&A: Driver Friendly

Ahhh Driver Friendly! I <3 this band. I was happy to sit down with some of the members and chat about the new album. It was a pretty lengthy interview so a lot of it got cut out, but like my community journalism professor said, you know you have a good interview if it hurts to cut things out… or something like that.

The new album is really good. I highly recommend it.

Q&A: Driver Friendly
Band ready to release new music after three years
Originally published on Feb. 22, 2012

Driver Friendly (also known as Driver F) is finally releasing a new album after three years. The band was pretty close to calling it quits after nine years but decided to head to the mountains to write. The end result, Bury a Dream, will be released on Feb. 25 at The ND at 501 Studios. However, those that can’t make it will have to wait to get their copy when it’s nationally released in April.

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