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So this was a fun assignment. I got the play the violin for the first time in a concert within the same 24 hours I rode a Segway (also for the first time) and briefly saw The xx perform a new song they’re wrote in town at an open mic night. Only in Marfa.

Playing the violin for the first time in Rerememberer

MARFA – I can now say I’m an accomplished violin player. Well that’s not true, but I did get the chance to play the violin in front of a public audience two hours after I held the instrument in my hands for the first time. It’s been years since I played music. That’s why I didn’t hesitate signing up to volunteer to perform in Rerememberer on Tuesday.

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This week is National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, so I wrote about the Animal Control Officers in Marfa and Presidio for both newspapers.

New animal control officer takes it one day at a time in Presidio

PRESIDIO – Paul Rush knew he wanted to return to the tri-county area after he spent the last four years teaching English in Peru. Luck would have it that the City of Presidio had a job opening that piqued his interest.

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ROMP honors Gonzales during Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

MARFA – Responsible Ownership of Marfa Pets (ROMP) caught George Gonzales by surprise when they presented him with a mayoral proclamation signed by Marfa Mayor Dan Dunlap. The proclamation thanks Gonzales for his service as the City of Marfa Animal Control Officer as part of Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, which is the second week of April each year. This year’s appreciation week is April 13-19.

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Oh hay, The xx performed at last night’s open mic night. Just another Monday in Marfa, Texas. (at Lost Horse Saloon)

Holy Wave performed at Padre’s in Marfa last weekend. Pretty good band, but what caught my attention was the projections provided by Josh Ryan of Pancho Visions.

Rather than spend months using a computer to create visuals, Ryan uses various supplies that can usually be bought at a store like food coloring, water bottles filled with multicolored beads and patterns printed on transparency sheets with an old-school overhead projector.

It’s a pain in the ass for Ryan to carry all this stuff with him, especially on tour, but he rather creates his visuals this way. “It’s way more fun that way.”

…but it seems everyone has thought about this movie lately at all.

I know I did. I’m pretty sure my friends would like me to move on and talk about something else, anything really, at this point.

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…the point is NOT that Veronica chooses Logan over Piz, or even that she chooses Neptune over NYC, but that Veronica chooses her true self over the one that society claims is “best” for her.

Anna Verity, feminist VMars scholar (via julietohara)


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Also she chooses to help people where she feels there is a need for it, instead of taking a fancy job that pays a lot. 

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Yes, yes and yes.

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Oh boy, this is gonna be an interesting summer. I’ve been covering Presidio County Appraisal District’s efforts to reappraise the entire county.

And from what I’ve gathered, it’s not gonna be pretty, but it is needed.

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219 plays
Exiles cast and crew,
Marfa Public Radio

Here’s Shane Coffey entertaining Tommy Bertelsen, Troian Bellisario and me while we set up for the follow-up interview about Exiles' premiere at the Marfa Film Festival.

The cast and crew of The Heart Machine at the post-premiere Q&A at SXSW.

Louis Black, SXSW co-founder (middle in the suit), introduced the film and conducted the Q&A.


"I used to have really bad social anxiety. I’d be so afraid of saying something awkward and uninteresting, I’d stand on the perimeter of conversations and not say a thing. Which ironically came across as awkward and uninteresting."


I also deal with anxiety the next morning over the stuff I do say. Sigh.